Has anyone been able to debug with VS2005?

Bill Baxter dnewsgroup at billbaxter.com
Sun Nov 12 16:17:24 PST 2006

Lionello Lunesu wrote:
> Actually, I only program D from within VS2005!
> I use the vsplugind found on dsource, but that's only needed for building 
> right from VS. Just for debugging, you don't need anything. Compiling your 
> program using dmd -g will add the needed symbols to the obj/exe and VS will 
> understand them! Arrays are shown as 64-bit integers, but when seen in hex, 
> it's obvious what part is the count and what the pointer. Alternatively, you 
> can take the array's address and cast it to a int*.
> For syntax highlighting you should add .d to the extensions list in the 
> options dialog, and let VS treat it as C++ or C#. Missing keywords can be 
> added using a text-file called usertype.dat with a keyword on each line. It 
> goes in the VS "IDE" folder, if I'm not mistaken, but better google to 
> duoble check that (no VS2005 here at home).

Wow, that's excellent info.  I have VS2005, but I haven't used it much. 
  I'll have to give it a shot once dsource comes back.


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