English binary logic operators

Daniel Keep daniel.keep.lists at gmail.com
Sun Nov 12 21:14:17 PST 2006

Georg Wrede wrote:
> Bill Baxter wrote:
> ...
>> Mmmm Unicode.  That opens up a whole slew of possibilities.
>> How about opDoubleIntegration?  No problem!
>>      ∬f(x)dx;
>> Oooh and we could allow this as a synonym for delete myVar:
>>      ☠ myVar;
> Hey, that's the warez operator! The delete symbol is †.
> ...

Well, you'd just want to make sure you don't get your objects
inexplicably being resurrected days later to give you memory leaks.

*ba-dum ching*

Still, I'm surprised no-one has claimed the following gems:

* ☢ - the Radioactive operator (use instead of "volatile"?)
* ☣ - the Biohazard operator (for dirty external declarations?)
* ☭ - the "in Soviet Russia" operator (reverses lexical ordering of next
* ♨ - the "Hot springs" operator (process goes and takes a break at a
relaxing hot spring, coming back ready and rarin' for some number
* ☃ - the Snowman operator (I... got nothin' on this one)

	-- Daniel

Unlike Knuth, I have neither proven or tried the above; it may not even
make sense.

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