Has anyone been able to debug with VS2005?

Jim Hewes jhewesNOSPAM at ix.netcom.com
Sun Nov 19 12:57:01 PST 2006

"Bill Baxter" <dnewsgroup at billbaxter.com> wrote in message 
news:ejman4$10b1$1 at digitaldaemon.com...
> Nope.  Setting breakpoints on source file lines still doesn't work even 
> with -g.
> But something's odd.  I'm pretty sure it _did_ work before I installed the 
> VSPluginD.  I could set breakpoints, but I couldn't see variables before. 
> Now I can see variables, but I can't set breakpoints (except from 
> dissasembly).  Or maybe it was only VS.NET 7.1 that was able to set 
> source-level breakpoints?
> I wonder if it's possible to tweak something in AutoExp.dat or in an 
> EEAddIn plugin to make D strings and such show up properly, without the 
> need for the "(char*)*((int*)(&str)+1)" trick.
> The debugger seems to think all D arrays are of type unsigned__int64, 
> though, which will probably be problematic.
> --bb

I think you're correct. My memory is a bit foggy, but I think I did try out 
a D sample program briefly a while back using VS2003 (v 7.1)  and I was able 
to set breakpoints in the source window.  With CS2005, I can see variables 
but can't set breakpoints in the source window. So perhaps Microsoft changed 
the format of their debug info or something.


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