English binary logic operators

Frits van Bommel fvbommel at REMwOVExCAPSs.nl
Fri Nov 24 02:00:16 PST 2006

Samuel MV wrote:
> Antonio, I'm also spanish and I think would be a big problem to allow 
> that: how are you going to share your code? how are you going to work 
> with people from other countries or different language? In the Internet 
> english is the lingua franca.
> English has advantages, like its words usually are shorter, it's spoken 
> by most programmers (from all the countries), and there're zillions of 
> code written in that language.
> In fact, when I'm coding I write whole my programs in english (doc, 
> comments, debug code, etc.), I often work with the english keyboard 
> layout (because the symbols are better placed), all my programming books 
> are in english (most translations sucks!!!), ... for me, programming in 
> spanish would be 'unnatural' and annoying when I mix programming languages.

s/spanish/dutch/, s/also // (and maybe a grammar checker :P) and I concur :)

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