English binary logic operators

David Qualls davidlqualls at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 27 22:05:55 PST 2006

== Quote from Craig Black (cblack at ara.com)'s article
> I suppose Latin would be great if you want language neutrality.
Might be
> politically correct, but not very practical.  I hate to be the
bigot here,
> but let's face it.  As far as international languages go,
English is a
> standard.  Sorry, but it's not my fault.  It's just the way it
> However, if I had it my way we would all be speaking a simpler
language.  I
> hate English.  A written language should be completely phonetic
> orthogonal.  There shouldn't be silent letters, myriads of
exceptions to
> rules of thumb, and ridiculous non-phonetic pronunciations.
> Back to the topic, adding "and" and "or" wouldn't replace the
> representation.  The symbolic representation would still be
valid, so I see
> this as a benign addition to D.   It seems it would make a lot
of people
> happy, and would be easy to do, so I am not opposed to it.
> -Craig

Thanks, Craig.  This subject seems to have taken on a life of it's
own.  The simple summary is as you put it, 'and', 'or', etc would
not *REPLACE* &&, ||, etc., just be available to those who found
them easier to use.  Just as in C and C++.

I don't find the many proposals to "internationalize" the D
language very compelling.  Face it, D is not trying to become the
new rubbery language.  It's basically an enhanced and improved
C++.  If niche groups did successfully translate the C++ language
into other nationalities, perhaps those same niche groups could do
the same with D.  Of course, it wouldn't be D then; just like C in
Latin is not *really* C (at least I don't see anything in the
standard that allows the keywords to be replaced by their Latin

There was a reason C and C++ caved, and adopted English
operators.  I reckon that for the very same reason, D will be
hindered from a place of prominence if it does not adopt English
operators.  Those who want them won't find them in D, and will
move on.

Perhaps a few more BRIEF opinions regarding whether the standard
English operators should be adopted within the D language would be
enough to send the think-tank to their Cave Of Contemplation to
debate it amongst themselves.  I, for one, am eager to hear what
they have to say.  I don't recall seeing Walter weigh-in on this


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