Has anyone been able to debug with VS2005?

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On Sat, 11 Nov 2006 17:36:26 -0800, "Jim Hewes"
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>I don't mean to sound like an advertisement for VS2005 and C#. My point is 
>that by comparison, even though the D language is productive, some of that 
>is negated by the whole development experience.

D has issues, its true, but it depends what you're doing. And the
interoperability with C can help - for instance, build the UI in C#,
add a simple C interface using VC++, and you're ready to use that UI
from D. Not ideal, of course, but it's an option.

However my real view is that, depending on what development tools you
have available, D may simply be more for a possible future than for
the present. Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby etc have shown that there are
people out there who will develop the needed tools given a compelling
reason. I wouldn't be surprised if topics like this trigger 'just
download these Eclipse plugins' responses some time in the near

>it's not cross-platform (is MONO a serious option?)

Good question. The windows GUI tends to get heavy use in .NET, for
instance, yet MONO simply cannot provide it because Microsoft hasn't
included it in the open part of .NET. There are alternatives (I forget
which, but there is support for either GTK or KDE widget sets) but the
apps that use them seem to be for Linux only. You can certainly get
GTK for windows, but I'm not so sure about KDE, so maybe that has
something to do with it.

My view is that MONO is a good solid platform, on the whole, but that
Windows .NET and Linux .NET are separate platforms. The user interface
is too important to most apps to dismiss as some kind of minor detail.
After all, the UI is often the bulk of the code.

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