Windows COM objects accessability

Justin C Calvarese technocrat7 at
Sat Oct 7 16:52:22 PDT 2006

JC wrote:
> "jicman" <cabrera at> wrote in message 
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>> So, the question is, has anyone being able to access Windows COM
>> objects?  Any quick sample will do.
>> thanks,
>> jos
> There are two ways to go about this: 1) Early binding - download the 
> Illustrator SDK, which should include the COM type library and C headers, 
> which you'd then need to translate to D modules. 2) Late binding. Neither 
> route is going to be as straightforward as JScript (which, incidentally, 
> uses late binding behind the scenes).
> If you choose early binding, try running TlbImpD on the type library 
> ( It attempts to generate a D 
> module from the definitions in the library.

I was surprised that those zip's were still available there since the 
corresponding web pages (such as had 
disappeared a while ago.

Also, doesn't the Juno project ( 
contain a newer version of tlbimpd anyway?


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