Module name conflicts with field

Lionello Lunesu lio at
Mon Oct 16 06:10:54 PDT 2006


I got an unexpected error message ("no property X for type Y") and got 
it down to the following minimal test case:

#module test;
#struct A { }
#struct B {
#  test.A a;
#  int test;
#void main() {}

Compiling with DMD 0.169 gives:

test.d(4): no property 'A' for type 'int'
test.d(4): test.A is used as a type
test.d(4): variable test.B.a voids have no value

The "test" on line 4 is interpreted as a field name (strange place for a 
field name) instead of the module name. Commenting either line 4 or 5 
gets rid of the errors.

Obviously, using "test.A" makes no sense here, but in the original 
project an imported module conflicted with a field of the struct.

I think the code is valid, since there seems to be no conflict between a 
module name and field names if I comment only one of the lines in the 


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