What is wrong with this boilerplate mixin?

AF noemail at noemail.com
Mon Oct 23 03:52:41 PDT 2006

 Thank you very much. But, at the moment, I would like to stay in
vanilla win32api framework.
 Second, I do not really need an workaround: it is the intended
behaviour of dmd to mangle functions that way, or it is improper
use of syntax (i.e. my fault)?.
 I simply find ugly to bear all that gc boilerplate code with any
application when things could be simpler. Any reason why not all gc
code should be directly integrated in phobos (or dmd) WinMain
function? (actually, why have WinMain() at all and not just main()?)
 As for delegates, could you (or someone else) be so kind to
provide my an example based on the code and ideea I submitted?

 Thanks in advance.


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