Equivilent of STL Set in D ? ...

Sean Kelly sean at f4.ca
Mon Oct 23 16:26:02 PDT 2006

BLS wrote:
> btw :I wonder wether Sedgewick is still using tons of academic terms 
> (means showing how clever he is) or is he meanwhile able to produce some 
> output a human-beeing can read.

I find Sedgewick to be quite readable, but his material is a bit more 
technical than some of the other texts.  I personally like this because 
it makes for good reference material, but if I were teaching the subject 
I might choose a book that doesn't jump into the middle of things quite 
so quickly.

For comparison, my wife took an algorithm analysis course recently that 
used Weiss' Java book.  She found the descriptions in it confusing, but 
thought my 1st ed. C++ copy of the same book (same topics but much 
longer) was excellent.  So I'd be inclined to recommend Weiss except his 
recent editions don't seem as clear as his earlier editions, as a result 
of some heavy editing to reduce page count.

I wish I could suggest others, but aside from Knuth those are the only 
algorithms books I've actually kept.


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