thiscall calling convention

Max Samuha maxter at
Tue Oct 24 07:00:30 PDT 2006

Thank you

>HOWEVER... *** IUnknown is treated specially by DMD ***
>It is magical, and it makes all of the member functions use the MSVC 
>'thiscall' calling convention. (There's no other way to specify 'thiscall').

>It should just work. Have you actually tried it?

Yes, I tried it. Doesn't work. I'm not sure, but apparently the COM
interface member functions in D use stdcall by default, not thiscall.
At least, IUnknown members are correctly declared in com.d as using
stdcall. IMO, the docs should be clearer on that issue.

btw, MSVC++ 2005 allows to set __thiscall explicitly.

>Maybe you could try to google for "iasiothiscallresolver.h".
>I used this in a C++ project (before I converted to D and trashed the  
>code) to do all the ASIO stuff. I had used MinGW and couldn't link to the  
>ASIO interface either (does only work from Visual C++), using this header  
>file it worked. Maybe you can rewrite it and use it, don't know if it  
>works in D, though.

Yes, i saw this header. Thanks.

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