Beginner bud problem

Anders F Björklund afb at
Tue Oct 24 11:50:07 PDT 2006

Chris Nicholson-Sauls wrote:

> In file build.brf try writing:
> # daybook.d
> # libwxd.a
> # libwxc.a
> #
> # -clean
> # -Xwxd
> #
> # -I/home/me/D/wxd
> Then run the command line, from within /home/me/D/DayBook: bud @build
> I think that should be enough.

For later versions of wxD, you will also need to set the wx platform.
(-version=__WXMSW__ -version=ANSI, or whatever your wx-config says...)

You can find the wxD values for these by looking in the autogenerated
files: wxc/platform and wxc/encoding, but unfortunately D versions can't
be imported to other modules so you need to add them all at commandline.
I have no idea how to write something like "autoconf" in D, actually ?

Support for Bud is on the TODO for wxD, but for now it uses DM/GNU Make.
If anyone has a working barf file to build wxD, please send it to me...


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