imports other than at the top

Bill Baxter dnewsgroup at
Wed Oct 25 01:25:10 PDT 2006

Lionello Lunesu wrote:
> Bill Baxter wrote:
>> I tried sticking an import in a unittest {} block and it caused an error.
>> I put it there, naturally, because I only needed that particular 
>> module for the unittests and the whole rest of the file didn't really 
>> need to see those symbols.  If you're not doing unittests there's no 
>> reason for the import overhead, and no reason to burden the user with 
>> making sure that particular testing module is present.
>> Scoped importing like that just not supported at this time?
>> --bb
> I've noticed that imports can be placed in a version { } block, and I'd 
> assume inside a debug { } too.. But inside of unittest { } there's 
> actual code being executed, so it's probably a different kind of scope.

Ok,  well that's good at least.  I wonder if there is (or could be) a 
version(unittest) automatically set when -unittest is used.


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