network help needed

nobody_ spam at spam.spam
Wed Oct 25 03:53:55 PDT 2006

> The operating system does some buffering and etc., but so long as you're 
> sending and the client is receiving, packets will get sent between.  If 
> you do experience any problems with these buffers, you could pad the data 
> or something... but I'd be surprised if you did.
Just to surprise you, I read:
And it looks like I should do some length-prefixing.

> If you're getting this from the eyetracker at 4 bytes per millisecond, 
> just end it as you get it.  That should be fine.  Or, buffer it and send 
> it every 10 milliseconds (being 40 bytes/10 milliseconds) - shouldn't 
> really matter for an intranet connection.
> -[Unknown]

Hmm, I forgot about the other 5 channels in my last post :/
So that will be 6*4 bytes per millisecond, still not a problem I think ;)

The computer recieving the data also sends start/stop signals to my 
Should I use a different port for these signals, or just use the one port 
for both way communication (won't it interfere eg. give higher latencies?)
Should the sockettype be stream?

I'm sorry for all the questions, this whole area of programming is new to 
me. I'm more into single theaded games programming :) 

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