Object cleanup and weak references

Max Bolingbroke "batterseapower{no" at sp4/\\/\\}hotmail.com
Sun Oct 29 03:57:39 PST 2006

Thomas Kuehne wrote:
> Max Bolingbroke schrieb am 2006-10-29:
>> Wow, I have no idea what that code is doing noodling around in Ds 
>> internals, but if it works I will be a very happy man. Unfortunately, my 
>> project fails to compile after adding this code:
>> F:\Programming\Current\Destroyed>bud main -cleanup -debug -g 
>> -I.\..\;D:\D\dmd\src\ext -of.\bin\Destroyed.exe -w
>> D:\D\dmd\src\phobos\internal\gc\gcx.d(42): module win32 cannot read file 
>> 'win32.d'
>> Although it seems that win32.d lives in the same directory as gcx.d... 
>> can someone point out what newbie mistake am I making? :-)
> add
> import internal.gc.win32;
> You might have to try different import sequences.

Thanks Thomas, it works: I assume this is just to force bud to recognize 
that that file needs to be compiled in? Bit strange that it doesn't pick 
it up automagically, anyhow..

Thanks again for your help and awesome code :-)


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