Changing the foreach key...

Chris Nicholson-Sauls ibisbasenji at
Mon Oct 30 17:24:37 PST 2006

Karen Lanrap wrote:
> Chris Nicholson-Sauls wrote:
>>Instead it was a normal 'in' index, which was being manually
>>advanced to skip an iteration.
> That is impossible with 'in' parameters to a block.
> Therefore indexes are buggily implemented as 'inout'.  

I don't think that's the case.  Try foreaching over an associative array and setting the 
value of the key.  If the index were silently inout then the array would have differing 
data afterward, which it does not.

It is not a parameter, but a variable within a scope like any other.  Therefore, you can 
do essentially anything you want with it.  The fact that the loop is controlled by those 
changes, only means that the foreach is rewritten effeciently, by not making invisible 
temp variables to store loop state.  I would consider that a feature.

-- Chris Nicholson-Sauls

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