Using out qualifier instead of *, how to pass null?

Anders F Björklund afb at
Thu Feb 1 02:28:52 PST 2007

Kirk McDonald wrote:

> I would recommend binding the C API as closely as you can, and then 
> using D's features in a wrapper around it. Generally speaking, this will 
> be the most robust and portable approach. It will give you the 
> convenient D version for most uses, and the raw C version when you need 
> that.

Having just rewritten parts of wxD, I second recommending that approach.
(for wxWidgets it had to be done anyway, because it's a C++ API library,
but generally speaking it is easier to keep each language to its own...)
This normally also includes offering legacy aliases, for C portability.


PS. Rick, for your API wrapper you might find this article interesting:
Bonus points are awarded for completing the Mac OS X DWT port to Carbon,
that Carlos started on:

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