Benchmarking Approaches?

Robby robby.lansaw at
Sun Feb 4 19:42:48 PST 2007

After a few weeks of porting I'm in a position where I'm looking for 
tips on the following if possible?

Is there any libs out there that can help benchmark programs? I'm 
looking for approaches to benchmarking speed and memory. I'm sure there 
are various ways of approaching both, but has there been a community 
based solution that seems to be considered the norm?

I'm on windows, and have access to a couple of Linux boxes to check on 
both as I go. Would like to have an OS independent solution if possible.

Since the compiler decides what to inline I would like to ask for tips 
on how to approach encouragement of inlining. I know that specific 
approaches will be hard to do without code to reference, just in 
general.. has there been any approaches that you've picked up developing 
in D, knowing that the compiler will inline?

I'm at the point where I would like to look into delving into micro 
benchmarks for the code I've written but I would like to look into 
having a framework of doing benchmarks across all of my code.

So I'm soliciting input, and hopefully create dialog (I'll be sure to 
collect approaches and throw them on prowiki once it's all out there)



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