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torhu fake at address.dude
Fri Feb 9 21:29:46 PST 2007

Sean Kelly wrote:
>That said, I believe that the 
> default output format can be called via:
> Stdout( a, b, c );
> or the "whisper" syntax:
> Stdout( a )( b )( c );

One thing that surprised me when trying out this, was that the buffer is 
never flushed automatically.  Not even when outputting a '\n'.  Not for 
small outputs anyway.  I'm used to printf's unbuffered output, at least 
on windows.  Stdout.formatln() does flush, so it might be safer to stick 
with that than to risk forgetting to flush when doing some 'printf 
debugging'.  Just a thought.

(I know about .newline and .flush.)

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