help with link on window

Frits van Bommel fvbommel at
Sun Feb 11 03:16:10 PST 2007

Ant wrote:
> I have dmd 1.005 on windows
> and this message from the linker:
> Error 42: Symbol Undefined _D38TypeInfo_PS4gtkc8gtktypes11GtkTreeIter6__initZ
> how to I go about to find out here did I mess up?
> there is a struct GtkTreeIter on module gtktypes on package gtkc.
> seems to exist on gtkd.lib:
> grep _D38TypeInfo_PS4gtkc8gtktypes11GtkTreeIter6__initZ *.lib
> Binary file gtkd.lib matches

That just means gtkd.lib contains that string. That doesn't mean it 
defines the symbol. In fact, in this case it looks like it only *uses* 
the symbol without it being defined anywhere (that the linker can find), 
producing your error.
You may want to find out what library includes the module gtkc.gtktypes 
and add that to the linker commandline.

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