Tango BitArray Initialization

Thomas Brix Larsen brix at brix-verden.dk
Tue Feb 13 09:42:49 PST 2007

Sean Kelly wrote:

> Colin Huang wrote:
>> Sean Kelly Wrote:
>>> Oddly, I wasn't able to get static opAssign to work with this syntax.
>>> It seemed to want "BitArray = 0" rather than "BitArray b = 0".  I've
>>> modified Tango's BitArray to support:
>>>      BitArray b = [0,1,0,1];
>>>      b = [1,0,1,0];
>>> which is consistent with how built-in arrays work.
>>> Sean
>> Good work :)
> By the way, I think the above will break when implicit type conversions
> are added, because [0,1,0,1] is currently passed as a bool[].  I'll need
> to think about this a bit more, since [true,false,true,false] kind of
> stinks, as does accepting an array of ubyte or some such.  This is an
> issue Walter will have to face as well since Phobos BitArray will have
> the same problem.
> Sean

Can't you just make it a ubyte array, and throw an error if it isn't filled
with ones and zeros?

Something like:
   throw new Error("Stupid human! Bits are made up of ones and zeros!!");

- Brix

ps. ;)

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