getDirectory of FileSystem.d

Alberto reda at
Wed Feb 14 11:38:09 PST 2007

I must get the current dir, and, I'm using getDirectory() from
FileSystem.d to do that.
A simple example:

FilePath appDir = FileSystem.getDirectory;

it works but there is a space at the end of path, so I have many errors
when I try to join paths.
Here's a log:

giano.globals - appDir: 'C:\Documents and
Settings\Admin\Desktop\projects\giano '

I have tried to understand why by myself.
This is a cut of getDirectory() from FileSystem:

int length = GetCurrentDirectoryW (0, null);
if (length) {
    char[MAX_PATH] tmp = void;
    auto dir = new wchar [length];
    GetCurrentDirectoryW (length, dir.ptr);
    return new FilePath (Utf.toUtf8 (dir, tmp));

in MSDN I read:

Return Value
If the function succeeds, the return value specifies the number of
characters that are written to the buffer, not including the terminating
null character.
If the function fails, the return value is zero. To get extended error
information, call GetLastError.
If the buffer that is pointed to by lpBuffer is not large enough, the
return value specifies the required size of the buffer, in characters,
including the null-terminating character.

null is passed as buffer to GetCurrentDirectoryW, so the return value
should specifies the required size of the buffer including the
null-terminating character, but D string doesn't have one.
So, this line:

auto dir = new wchar [length];

should be fixed in:

auto dir = new wchar [length-1];

and the same for the ANSI version
or I'm wrong?

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