Good GUI for newbie

Hans Bogar Hans.Bogar at
Fri Feb 16 16:54:39 PST 2007

On Fri, 16 Feb 2007 21:08:59 +0100, Marcin Kuszczak wrote:

> Hans Bogar wrote:
>> I have written a lot of programs in Powerbasic. Recently I switch to D.
>> What GUI can you recommend for a newbie?
>> I'm working mostly with Linux. I've looked at GtkD, Minwin and wxd. Are
>> there any other GUI's for Linux available?
>> For a newbie like me, it is important to have some examples.
>> What do you recommend?
>> Thanks.
>> Hans
> Not much more at the moment... We are waiting for finishing Java SWT port to
> D...
> See:

That's also what I thought. But is there a suitable GUI for the windows

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