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John Demme me at
Sat Feb 17 16:51:13 PST 2007

Alberto wrote:

> What is the status of mango.xml.rpc.Server?
> I need it for my application, will be great if at least the developers
> release the syntax (I saw that it has changed from mango v2.1 for the
> rpc.Client),so I can start to work on my project..
> And it's planned to add base64 and date types in mango.xml.rpc.Client?
> now they are missing..
> I need base64, I have added it to rpc.Client using ubyte[] as basic type
> (like some rpc client/server in java). Basically I did a sort of
> copy/paste of string code but using ubyte[] instead of char[], very
> spartan but it works.
> For sure your version will be better.

I've made a start on the server portion, but I've got some work yet on it. 
Expect an alpha in about a week- hopefully less.

As for base64- the only reason I don't have base64 support yet is because
Tango doesn't have a base64 encoder.  I don't have any plans on adding it
until it's in Tango, so I'd appreciate it if someone could talk to the
Tango guys about it and do it.  As for date support... It's just lower
priority than the server stuff, so I've put it off until then.  It'd be
nice if Tango had a iso8601 encoder/parser to make my life easier, but I
don't have a big problem with implementing it in the xml-rpc package.

I'm glad someone is using a looking around my code.  It's obviously alpha
right now, but whadda ya think?  I'm a bit concerned that the SAX-style I/O
is a bit awkard, but it avoids creating lots of intermediate object trees,
so it should perform pretty well.  I was also pretty impressed with D's
IFTI support and templates.  It's been about a year since I've really used
the template stuff, and the new stuff made some of my work really easy. 
I'm really happy with the way the client templates came out.

I'm planning on having the server module also use a sax-style API, but I
can't release the API for it b/c I haven't written it yet.  I don't write
the API in advance- I prefer to write it as I write the module since
writing the module typically changes what I thought the API should look

~John Demme
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