Need help with communication between multiple threads

kris foo at
Tue Feb 20 19:42:00 PST 2007

Chad J wrote:
> kris wrote:
>> Chad J wrote:
>>> When I was porting Phobos to work on ARM-WinCE, it was very helpful 
>>> to be able to discard a module without breaking other parts of the 
>>> lib, namely in the case of that module requiring a broken language 
>>> feature or inline assembly 
>> if the underlying OS api's are present, then the upcoming tango.locks 
>> ought to work on WinCE. I'd imagine this to be your best bet, or to go 
>> with synchronized instead :)
>> Which approach you choose is ultimately down to the manner in which 
>> you need to share the entity.
> Alright.
> I'm starting to think it would be handy if modules that only work on 
> some platforms (like Atomic and possibly Locks) would expose a const 
> bool variable that is set to true if the module is supported on the 
> hardware, and false if it isn't.  That way I could version different 
> blocks of code by that, rather than trying to guess what will compile on 
> the different platforms.

If you're serious about having Tango run on WinCE, come and chat with us 
on the IRC channel?

- Kris

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