Slightly OT: Licensing questions from a FOSS newb

Jarrett Billingsley kb3ctd2 at
Wed Feb 21 20:20:44 PST 2007

Okay, I'd really like to slap some kind of license onto MiniD now that it's 
getting pretty big and closer to some kind of 1.0.  What I want to know is 
if there's some kind of .. process or something that I have to go through to 
make my license _work_ or.. something like that.

I've decided to go with an MIT license 
(  What I want to know 
is if all I really have to do is slap that at the top of all my source files 
in a comment block, or if there's something more that I have to do.  I mean, 
that's about all I've ever seen anyone else do.  I just don't know if 
putting the text of the license in all my source files is actually legally 
binding or what.


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