Listening to UDP sockets

Burton Radons burton-radons at
Fri Feb 23 11:26:48 PST 2007

Burton Radons wrote:
> I have this code:
>     import std.socket;
>     void main ()
>     {
>         auto address = new InternetAddress (3333);
>         auto socket = new UdpSocket ();
>         socket.bind (address);
>         socket.listen (10);
>     }
> Which fails during execution on the "listen" line with "Error: Unable to 
> listen on socket". Can anyone help? Replacing "Udp" with "Tcp" lets it 
> work properly so perhaps this is a bug in "std.socket".

I figured it out - I just have to bind (no listen) and then the receive 
buffer must be large enough to contain the entire message or it either 
never returns (since it's waiting for a datagram which is small enough 
to fit, I guess) or returns -1 in nonblocking mode. I knew there were no 
socket connections in the TCP sense but I was expecting sockets to 
simulate it in order to have one unified API.

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