Error: cannot implicitly convert expression () of typechar[5] to char[][]

Brad Roberts braddr at
Fri Feb 23 18:14:20 PST 2007

> > Thanks.  Perhaps Walter may want to put a small example on the Array
> > page. :-)  All there is there is the int[char[]].  I knew it was
> > something simple, but yet, complex!
> You can help by adding such an example to the 'comments' page attached to that
> page -- if there isn't one there already.  (Look for the button labeled
> "Comments" near the top of the page).
> --bb

An entry in bugzilla will probably be noticed and acted by walter on quite 
a bit faster.  An entry in the wiki will be visible to the rest of the 
world faster.  So.. I'd suggest doing both if you have the drive, or 
bugzilla if you want the docs to ever be updated.


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