syntax question on "invariant" keyword

Frits van Bommel fvbommel at
Wed Jul 4 05:15:51 PDT 2007

Michael Kiermaier wrote:
> Daniel919 Wrote:
>> Are you using dmd 1.x ? The final-const-invariant thing only works on 
>> the experimental 2.x version. I tried your example there and it compiles 
>> without errors as expected.
> Well, that seems to be the problem:
> My dmd command reports:
> Digital Mars D Compiler v1.018
> Where can I get the 2.x version? I cannot find it in the "download" section on the Digitalmars D hompage

It's on the changelog page:
Be sure to click the 2.002 link, the "latest version" link seems to be 
out of date (points to 2.001).

> And what exactly is the status of 2.x? I believe I read somewhere, that D 2.0 was officially released. But now you write that it is still experimental.

It's an experimental alpha version. That means it's got the latest 
additions, but may be more buggy and later versions can change and break 
code that used to work.

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