OpenAL with ogg

Charma Motoko_Kusanagi at
Fri Jul 6 05:06:46 PDT 2007

I started to try using OpenAL the very first time. (no experience in C++ 
either...) I can't get it to run. Can anyone help me with a sample code 
for D? i have found very few samples on the net but they only work with 
wave and have almost no comments at all so it is impossible for a newbie 
to understand.

Best would be something that loads just one ogg-file from hdisk and 
plays it, that would be enough for the beginning. It would help a lot if 
you could add comments to the code so i can follow up what's happening.
A tutorial for D would help too.

Right now i (try to) use DerelictAL and DerelictOgg. I don't know if 
those are the best "headers". Does anyone know any better ones? Is there 
something in Phobos maybe?!? Websites with tutorials and other help 
would be very good too.

Thanks for any help!

ps: sorry for my bad engrish ;)

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