Resource Management... Howto?

downs default_357-line at
Fri Jul 6 15:37:49 PDT 2007

I've been thinking about a better way to do this.
How about we (ab)use the GC? That is, each returned resource with the 
same index contains a pointer to some throwaway object. This object's 
address is stored together with the AA itself, but encoded somehow 
(negative? xor with a constant?) so that the GC doesn't find this relation.
Now, whenever all resources of that type have been deleted, and the GC 
runs, the object will not have anything obvious pointing towards it 
anymore; thus, the GC will delete it. Before that, it will call the 
object's destructor, which, in turn, will delete the object's entry from 
the AA :)

PS: I have no idea if that could work; also, you'd be relying on the GC 
which the spec says _not_ to rely upon. Evil :)
PPS: Not guaranteed to work. Use at own risk.

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