OpenAL with ogg

Clay Smith clayasaurus at
Fri Jul 6 15:50:03 PDT 2007

Hrm that's odd...

This will help with setting up arclib:

What platform are you on?

~ Clay

Charma wrote:
> Thanks for your answers so far. That sound.d was exactly what i way 
> looking for... unfortunatly i can'T get it to work.. I downloaded the 
> whole arclib and derelict and copied all files to my main.d-folder and 
> tried to compile but it will always fail with a link error with a 
> strange error like "EAX=...., EBX=asss" and so on... looks like an 
> essembler-error... but i don't know anything about that stuff...
> I am very helpless when it is about stuff from the libs 
> and stuff they offer always has only very rare or no information about 
> how to use it. I never know where to copy the libs to or do i really 
> have to build them or not and if so, i have no idea how to and what it 
> is good for which ends up for me to always bother my friend to help me out.
> Does anyone know how i can just get all my tango, derelict and arclib 
> stuff get into the dmd-folders like phobos so that i can access them 
> from anywhere?
> i already tryed to copy it into the phobos-folder next to the std-folder 
> but i always get a "can't read"-error when i do like that... it only 
> works when i copy the files into the folder where my source-code is, 
> which is extremly bothering and i am sure it is not the correct way...
> Also the download-links from the project-page of arclib is not working.. 
> i am getting a 404 not found error... only the v1 works. does anyone 
> know an alternative source to download the newest version? i usually 
> prefer to use the most improved and newest version...
> Another question: I use ddbi for access to a mysql-db. for the final 
> program to work i always need to copy the libmysql.dll with my 
> exe-file.. is there any way to compile without the dll-needed?
> Sorry for my big nescience -.-
> Clay Smith schrieb:
>> Christian Kamm wrote:
>>>> Best would be something that loads just one ogg-file from hdisk and
>>>> plays it, that would be enough for the beginning. It would help a 
>>>> lot if
>>>> you could add comments to the code so i can follow up what's happening.
>>>> A tutorial for D would help too.
>>> If your main interest is just playing a sound and not learning the 
>>> internals
>>> of OpenAL, you could try ArcLib's sound module:
>>> It uses the Derelict bindings to OpenAL.
>>> Christian
>> I don't know if this helps either, but this 
>> is the code the above module is based upon, and this site 
>> seems to have the best 
>> OpenAL tutorials.
>> ~ Clay

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