Installing DMD on linux

Frits van Bommel fvbommel at
Sun Jul 8 09:12:49 PDT 2007

torhu wrote:
> Anders Bergh wrote:
>> On 7/8/07, torhu <fake at address.dude> wrote:
>>> user at ubuntu:~$ dmd test.d
>> Try apt-get install build-essential, which will install everything
>> that's needed to build C applications.
> I have a hard time believing that a default Ubuntu install is unable to 
> build C applications.  So the problem has to be something else.

Actually, I'm quite sure it is unable to do so (at least every version 
I've tried, which doesn't include 7.04). IIRC the reasoning is that 
"normal users" don't need to compile stuff, so they're one of the few 
Linux distributions (AFAIK) that don't install a full build environment 
by default.
If you haven't installed build-essential (or at least the relevant 
packages on which it depends) I suggest you try that.

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