Using PostgreSQL with D.

BCS ao at
Thu Jul 12 09:39:28 PDT 2007

Reply to Joshua,

> I am working on learning D right now (comming mainly from c/c++/java
> background) and I was wanting to use PostgreSQL in my app. I've been
> spoiled by java for so long that I am amazed that its been so hard to
> find any info on getting postres to work with D.
> About the closest I've come is trying to get DDBI to work but the
> libpq.lib file that comes with postgres in the /ms directory does not
> seem to link correctly. Some info seems to indicate that I need to get
> VC++ and convert the lib then convert it again using a tool that I
> would need to purchase.
> Does this sound correct? Am I just missing some postgres driver in
> Tango (the std library I use) that I just need to import and I missed
> it in the API?

I've never done it but if the code you want to run is in a .dll then there 
is a tool (IIRC free from digitalmars) that makes a DMD style .lib from a 

If the code is actual in the .lib then I think there is another free tool 
for converting MS style stuff to digitalmars style.

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