initializer list like in C++?

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Tue Jul 24 11:57:42 PDT 2007

Reply to James,

> Jarrett Billingsley wrote:
>> "Hoenir" <mrmocool at> wrote in message
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>>> Is there anything like the initializer list (C++) in D?
>>> class Test {
>>> int x;
>>> Test(int y):x(y){};
>>> }
>> No.  See
>> sts_55262.html for an explanation on why D doesn't have them.
> I looked at that thread, but found only references to performance,
> which miss the main reason why these are present/useful in C++:
> semantics.  There are various kinds of things in C++ that can be
> initialized but cannot be modified, because of references, const-ness,
> and classes with immutable value semantics.
> The occasional/slight performance benefit is definitely secondary to
> the ability to express meaning directly in the code.
> As D gains the ability to model such immutable members, it might
> benefit from finding (its own) solution to the same issue.

IIRC  this works

const int i;
static this(){i=5;}

class C
   const char c;
   this(char c_){c=c_;}

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