Tango bind functionality

Sean Kelly sean at f4.ca
Wed Jul 25 21:26:09 PDT 2007

Jason House wrote:
> I've found http://www.dsource.org/projects/tango/ticket/396 which 
> indicates that bind functionality is indefinitely postponed.  It's even 
> marked as a closed ticket!

The change was made around the time 0.99 was released, because no one 
had been asking about it.  And we weren't in full agreement about 
whether or not it was a necessary feature.  If you have a compelling use 
case, post it to the Tango forums and I suspect the decision will be 
reconsidered :-)

> Even if not part of tango, does anyone have any generic tango-based 
> solution for this?  (Note that the phobos implementation of bind does 
> not work completely in gdc 0.23.  I'm hesitant to just copy the phobos 
> implementation)

I actually have the revised version of bind that was slated for 
inclusion in Tango.  You can ask its author (h3r3tic) for a copy as well.


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