tango link trouble

Ansible notmyemailaddress at nospam.com
Sat Mar 3 11:04:18 PST 2007

>> So, my first program with Tango has some link errors, below.  What do I
>> need to do to get this to link correctly?
> This is because there is no tango library (due to prior problems with this),
> and thus you need to compile in the dependent source files, also from
> tango. We recommend using one of the dependency tracking build tools for
> this, rebuild or bud. Further details should be in the reference
> documentation. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Ok, the 'bud' download is back; it was down earlier today.  I downloaded 
  the exe, renamed it 'bud.exe', and put it in my \dmd\bin dir.  Now 
typing "bud Modeler.d" works.  Thx for the info.

I'm assuming that's what you meant, and that you didn't mean I should 
recompile tango with bud, right?  I'm a little unclear on that from the 
web page: 

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