Setting versions for imports

Jascha Wetzel firstname at
Tue Oct 2 15:26:29 PDT 2007

div0 wrote:
> Oh I see what you're getting at.
> No you can't do that because it's a bad idea.
> Each .d file needs to be individually compilable.
> You couldn't do that if a file needs to be included (imported) by some 
> other file in order to make sense.

this wouldn't make the import not make sense without the importer.
since i'm only talking about versions this only means, that there is 
something like a pragma that forces command line switches from within 
the code. this would of course only work as i intend to use it, if 
importer and import are built with one compiler call, but since -version 
command line switches are only guaranteed to be consistent within the 
same compiler call as well, that wouldn't make a difference.

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