converting numbers to strings and back

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Sat Oct 6 09:43:21 PDT 2007

"Daniel Keep" <daniel.keep.lists at> wrote in message 
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> That's because you're trying to assign a constant type into a mutable
> type.  Which is what the compiler is telling you.  Either use 'auto' for
> the storage class, or explicit assign it to a 'string' (or const(char)[]
> if you really feel like it).

thanks, auto did it - and I think I like auto from now on.

> Well, line 11 was "writefln(cTest);", so I assume you've changed
> something, so I can't really help since I don't know what you've got any
> more.

here is the deal - 2.005
import std.stdio;
import std.string;
import std.conv;

void main(char[][] args) {

 float fFloat = 214.4;
 float fBack = 0;
 float fTo = 0;

 auto cTest = std.string.toString(fFloat); // Works!

 fBack = toFloat(cTest); // Works too!

 fTo = to!(float)(cTest); // this does not work! to undefined


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