Casting gremlins

Todd Titus toddtitus at
Thu Oct 11 16:27:26 PDT 2007

Christopher Wright Wrote:

> If, however, you merely one a human-readable form of the integer, just 
> use std.string.toString on it.

I used toString() on it. with the same results. I have found 2 additional errors,(they multiply like rabbits).

1st. It compiles and links ok, and will output correctly non-stop, but if I recompile it without making any changes it won't output. compile it again and it works. seems like an inconsistent compile bug ??

2nd. I had to substitute a known value, (to bypass-rule out any hardware issues) in the above compile. I found, or rather isolated it to an 'if' statement that seems to mask the output. I'll try to narrow it down further in the morning. 

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