how to install?

Chris Miller lordSaurontheGreat at
Fri Feb 22 10:07:46 PST 2008

glen worstell Wrote:
> PS - Nowhere in my posts have I mentioned the 500 different versions of 
> linux. However, if it is possible to use d2.x/tango/phobos (or just d2.x/tango)  
> on one of the common linux versions, I'll dump windows for my d evaluation. 
> :)

I am not aware of a GDC version implementing the D 2.0 standards.  As far as I know, GDC is waiting on D 2.0 to finalize before going ahead and implementing a D 2.0 compliant GCC frontend.

Personally I'm avoiding D 2.0 until it both finalizes and all the libraries move into it as well.  Imagine getting to the top of the hill only to find there's no one there to share it with.  It would be depressing at the very least.

I know GDC works with Phobos, I haven't even tried with Tango yet (working on making it work with Windows first - I try and do the hardest things first for some strange reason.)

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