Pause Self, Resume on Event

Sean Kelly sean at
Thu Jul 17 22:47:57 PDT 2008

Bill Baxter wrote:
> Sean Kelly wrote:
>> dsimcha wrote:
>>> On another note, anyone have any idea when/if Tango for D2, and 
>>> Tangobos for Tango
>>> for D2, will be available?  There are things I like and dislike about 
>>> both Tango
>>> and Phobos, and I really wish I could mix and match modules from them 
>>> without
>>> giving up my D2 features.  For example, I like Phobos's much simpler 
>>> IO API, less
>>> "OO everywhere" look and feel and "simple operations should be 
>>> simple" mentality,
>>> but I like Tango's extra math and threading stuff and richer feature 
>>> set in
>>> general.  Also, I've written a decent amount of Phobos code that I 
>>> don't feel like
>>> porting.
>> There's no timeframe for D2 support at the moment.  I may look into at 
>> least having the runtime be cross-compatible, but porting the user 
>> code would require changes in structure / coding strategy that I can't 
>> see anyone wanting to make.
> It seems to me that some people do actually like D2 and aren't using 
> Tango precisely because there's no D2 support.  So who knows, maybe 
> you'll find there's a new crop of D2/Tango volunteers that show up once 
> the ball gets rolling.  Steven S. for one, perhaps.

Yup.  There has been enough interest that I think it's worth getting the 
runtime working at least.  The only real obstacle to that right now is 
time.  The runtime uses the standard C, Posix, and Win32 packages for 
various things and none of these are D2 compatible at the moment.  So 
the sticking point is really that I need to find the time to go through 
the standard C and Posix specs and add "in" to all the function 
parameters that are const in the C APIs.  I should have left /*const*/ 
as a placeholder when I created the modules but... oh well.  Live and learn.


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