delete hash[key] deprecated???

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>>> If 'remove' was modified to return the removed value, more compact
>>> syntax would be possible:
>>> delete hash.remove("x");
>>And what would remove do if the key is already not in the AA?  Return
>>ValueType.init?  Throw an exception?
> Three options:
> 1. Throw an assert exception if the program was built with a debug
> switch

And do what if the program wasn't built with a "debug switch"?  Moreover, I 
personally think that debug switches should be saved for programmer-defined 
debug code.

> 2. Always throw an exception
> 3. Make 'remove' return a pointer to the value

And so if the key isn't present, return null.  Hmm....  I guess it would be 
the programmer's responsibility not to keep lots of these pointers alive and 
thereby prevent the AA nodes from being GC'd.  Hmm....

> 4. Continue silently

But .remove has to return something.  So how is this possible?

> I prefer the first option. Option 4 (current semantics)  is the least
> acceptible, in my opinion.

Hang on ... is 4 meant to be an option under the premise that we want 
.remove to return the removed value, or the option of not implementing this 
feature at all?


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