Why DMD is so slow?

Koroskin Denis 2korden at gmail.com
Tue Jun 3 05:31:18 PDT 2008

On Tue, 03 Jun 2008 16:23:07 +0400, Robert Fraser  
<fraserofthenight at gmail.com> wrote:

> Unknown W. Brackets wrote:
>> As everyone has said, these are problems in DMD and DMC.
>>  DMD is not a bad compiler, but it doesn't have all of the  
>> optimizations that some other compilers are.  For example, Microsoft's  
>> cl and Intel's icc might possibly beat gcc at this too (although they  
>> don't currently compile D code.)
>>  Anyway, it's a matter of priorities.  Improving the performance of DMD  
>> compiled programs is great, but making the D language work is more  
>> important.  If GDC can do a good optimization job, that's great for it  
>> imho.
> Which is why I think the LLVM project is so important. Many languages ->  
> one optimizer -> many targets

The same goes for GCC as well.

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