module vs import

BCS ao at
Sun Jun 8 19:14:47 PDT 2008

Reply to Tomasz,

> Jarrett Billingsley Wrote:
>> I think it might have to do with making it possible to make D work on
>> filesystems where there is no concept of "directories", such as a
>> database-oriented FS.  In such a filesystem, there might not be any
>> way to identify a module other than by doing so inside the module.
>> `select contains(*, "module;") from files where extension =
>> "d"`.  Though even that wouldn't necessarily work since you'd really
>> have to parse the module since it could be written "module
>> foo .     bar ;".
> Interesting and sensible this db-oriented filesystem seems to be. Sort
> of an extension of the emerging tendency of getting rid of hierarchies
> and managing everything as a bag of objects with attributes. I assume
> this approach will sooner or later be hyped and the-next-big-thinged
> but heck... I'm tired of directories because of the maintainance cost
> and the where-to-put-this-file delays.
> Do you know of any working solution of this kind? I googled and the
> only thing I came across was a Slashdot art saying MS strives to put
> it in the new Windows.
> Tomek

with a good search system like that thing in vista, google desktop or an 
app a friend of mine wrote*, you don't really need directories much even now.


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