For Chris - d snapshot

Ty Tower tytower at
Thu Jun 19 22:32:56 PDT 2008

Ty Tower Wrote:

> Chris I had a look at your easy D snapshot.
> downloaded and ran on a windows 2000 Pro install and got errors immediately on trying to run the console . Looks like some sort of permission problem.
> Think its mostly self explanatory except for ease and comfort I use rebuild on unix rather than dsss build ,it saves having to enter each "D" program in the config file.
> Text console output is attached 
> What am I doing wrong?
> Shell setup for Digital Mars D Compiling and Debugging
> build software: dsss build [-g] main_file.d (-g for debugging)
> debug software: ddbg exe_file.exe
> change which drive you're on: [Drive Letter]:\
> eg. C:\ to change to C drive
> Microsoft Windows 2000 [Version 5.00.2195]
> (C) Copyright 1985-1999 Microsoft Corp.
> tytower at WINDOWS:C:\> dsss build C:\dmd\mystuff\SliderTest.d
> DSSS config error: unrecognized line '[C:\dmd\mystuff\SliderTest.d]'.
> tytower at WINDOWS:C:\> rebuild C:\dmd\mystuff\SliderTest.d
> tytower at WINDOWS:C:\> SliderTest.exe
> error box was "not a valid win32 application" 
and in 

and also it said "access violation"  in the console window

Also while you are there I looked at your site but it seems you have moved server again and I did not see anything on the cheque entry project there . Is there any progress or is it dead?

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