Best way to save/load an object to file?

Bill Baxter dnewsgroup at
Mon Jun 23 00:58:39 PDT 2008

Bill Baxter wrote:
> aarti_pl wrote:
>> Saaa pisze:
>>> As the subject says  : )
>>> I could make my own personal loading saving functions of all the 
>>> specific variables in the objects, but I'd love there to be an easier 
>>> way than that.
>> You may try doost serializer:
>> You can serialize to file (generally: different kinds of storages) or 
>> to string. There are 2 kinds of archives: simple text archive and JSON 
>> archive.
>> See below for use cases:
>> Simplest use case for storing in file you can find in FunctionTest1.d 
>> - 3rd unit test from top.
>> Currently Phobos only, but should be rather easy to adapt for Tango.
>> BR
>> Marcin Kuszczak
>> (aarti_pl)
> Sweet.  Thanks for reminding me about that!
> I'm in the market for some serialization code too.
> Does it handle references properly?  Meaning if I have class objects A 
> and B that both refer to the same C, will C only get serialized once?

Just wanted to note here, that after playing with it a bit it does seem 
to handle references properly.

It also manages to serialize simple classes without any intrusive 
instrumentation whatsoever.  Very nice!  As usual with doost, though, it 
could use a little documentation.  And more comments in the code.  The 
few comments there are in Polish, which isn't much use to me.

I couldn't find the serializer in arclib.  What file is it in?


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