Best way to save/load an object to file?

aarti_pl aarti at
Mon Jun 23 14:00:11 PDT 2008

Bill Baxter pisze:
> As usual with doost, though, it 
> could use a little documentation.  And more comments in the code.  The 
> few comments there are in Polish, which isn't much use to me.
> --bb

Yes documentation is unfortunately not strongest point of Doost :-(

I will try to improve this situation in future, but it takes a lot of 
time, especially for me as I am not native English speaker. And sadly 
time is not from elastic rubber :-]

Another think which stopped a bit development was uncertainty about 
current API design (especially everything connected with 'storage' 
concept). Current design works well, but I would be happy to get some 
feedback from real users.

Marcin Kuszczak

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