listing multiple unit test failures

Robert Fraser fraserofthenight at
Tue Mar 11 23:00:41 PDT 2008

Robert Fraser wrote:
> Spacen Jasset wrote:
>>     I have started some unit tests:
>>     unittest
>>     {
>>         // Check row column indexing is correct
>>         Matrix    m;
>>         m[2,0] = 59;
>>         assert(m.matrix_flat[2]==59, "opIndexAssign failed");
>>         assert(m.matrix_flat[8]!=59, "opIndexAssign failed");
>>            }
>> If an assert fails the other assertions in a program do not fire. This 
>> is inconvient since the "real bug" introduced may be caused by some 
>> other assertion that has not been evaluated yet.
>> What I am looking for, therefore is more of a writefln of each 
>> failure, together with a single assertion to abort the program if any 
>> test has failed.
>> If there isn't such a feature then I suppose I need a "Global" class 
>> which holds a bit flag to be set when an assertion is registered, and 
>> then in main this class could be made to assert if the flag is set.
> Not to knock on Mr. Wright's solution, which is probably excellent and 
> more directly addressable to the problem at hand, but I'm working on a 
> solution (designed to use IPC to be used from other applications, etc.) 
> that does just this and a lot more. Check:
> And the docs at:

I should mention flute is in-progress, so unless _really_ don't want to 
change your unittest { } blocks into DUnit tests, use DUnit instead.

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