function not returning anything

Saaa empty at
Thu Mar 20 20:41:36 PDT 2008

I don't use -release.

ain.d -inline -O -full -cleanup  -DCPATHC:\D\Compiler\D1\dmd\bin -Tmain.exe  

-inline was the bad guy.


>> byte function(){
>> ..code..
>> //not returning anything
>> }
>> funtion();
>> After compiling/running it got me:
>> Error: Win32 exception
>> Is this correct?
>> It isn't really easy to debug like that.
> Compile in non-release mode, and you'll get an error along the lines of 
> "function 'foo' missing return."
> The reason you get a "Win32 Exception" in release mode is because the 
> compiler will put in an "assert(false, "that error message")" at the end 
> of the function, and when compiled in release mode, "assert(false)"s get 
> turned into an invalid opcode -- hence the exception.
> It'd be kind of nice if they weren't, or if there were more fine-grained 
> control over what happens to asserts, but..

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